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UK Tier 4 Student Visa


We, at Satya Overseas, have emerged as the reliable source for explaining and fulfilling the UK Study Visa Requirements to a pool of talented Indian students with strong skills of articulation, who seek to notch up higher education and build their prospective future in the UK. We rely upon accurate documentation processes and ensure that students receive the General UK Student Visa from India without any hassle or concerns.

Lately, the Tier 4 Visa duly replaced the old UK Study Visa. In order to apply for UK Tier 4 Visa, it is of primary requisite to be sponsored by a qualified educational institution in the UK. We help our students to score points, as it is one of the important UK Tier 4 Student Visa Process Requirements. In the UK, our students obtain UK Tier 4 Student Visa with permissions to work outdoors for a net 20 hours/week during the normal study schedule and 40 hours/week during their holidays. Any UK Tier 4 Visa has a validity period till the completion of our applicant’s course in his or her university.

Types of Visa

Under the laid out Tier 4 scheme, you can easily garner any of five distinct types of Student Visa for UK from India, as per the eligibility and requirements.

Tier 4 VisaFor Adult Student: Those of our students who move to the UK post-16 education fall under this type of UK Study Visa Requirements.

UK Student Visa India For Student-Visitors: Our students who are over 18 years and seek a 6-month course in the UK fall under this category. Students who cater to this UK Student Visa India cannot switch to other visa categories or work anywhere with this visa permit.

Child Student Visa for UK from India: We explain the UK Study Visa Requirements to the students who fall in the age range of 4-17 years. Students applying for this UK Student Visa India can study at any independent-paying UK school.

UK Tier 4 Student Visa For Child Visitors: Satya Overseas arranges for the UK Tier 4 Student Visa Process Requirements for its students with a minimum age of 17, but below 18 years, who plans to do an internship course or study spanned across a period of 6 months’. With this UK Tier 4 Student Visa, you can neither work anywhere, nor switch to other forms of visa.

Prospective UK Student Visa from India: Students with this visa visit the UK for planning a course of study over a period of six months. They can easily switch to Adult or Child Student Visa for UK from India categories.

Any adult student who seek Satya Overseas’ expertise to obtain UK Student Visa from India, need to follow a set of norms pertaining to credibility scores. One of the important UK Tier 4 Student Visa Eligibility for adult students is to bag 40 points based on sponsorships obtained from the college or affiliated organizations and maintenance funds at the student’s disposal. We help the students applying for UK Tier 4 Visa to make necessary arrangements to showcase a certain threshold funds at their disposal.

Educational Institutions

Satya Overseas has rapport with a variety of educational institutes in the UK. We know the best about each college and can guide students with the ranks of each of their individual departments, distinctively, while discussing about the UK Tier 4 Student Visa Eligibility.

Basic features of the Tier-4 Student Visa

Our students can choose a reputable government/private-sponsored university or college, select the courses of their choices and apply for work opportunities on fulfilling the UK Tier 4 Student Visa Eligibility. We help our students to extend their visa as per the requisite of their study or find ways to grant visa to their dependents to the UK during their course of study.


The duration of any student Visa for UK from India depends on the type of visa and the complete duration of the course/study/internship applied for.