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UK Student Dependent Visa


Satya Overseas addresses concerns of all and sundry and leave no stone unturned in providing proper UK Student Dependent Visa Information to its clients and students. We clearly explain to our adult visa-holders that the term ‘dependent’ is accorded to a visa-holder’s married spouse, his/her civil partner and/or any dependent children below the age of 18 years, and clarify the UK Student Dependent Visa Requirements. We help people understand why other bachelor individuals, parents or other members of his/her family cannot fulfill the UK Student Dependent Visa Eligibility.


In order to apply for a UK Dependent Visa, for your spouse/civil partner and dependent children (if any), we advise them to apply for the Dependent Visa for UK at the same time when you do.

You need to clarify at the outset while seeking for UK Student Dependent Visa Information, as to who are you accompanying you to the UK where you intend to remain a fellow student.

If they failed to apply at the same time as you do, make sure that while applying for UK Dependent Visa, your dependants apply with a photocopy of the identification page of your passport, a photocopy of your student visa and possibly a bonafide letter from your Undergraduate or Graduate school’s office during the UK Dependent Visa Processing Time.

We will take cautious steps to ensure that there is not even an iota of error during the UK Dependent Visa Processing Time so that your companion gets a dependent visa and lands in the UK on time.

Our executives at Satya Overseas shall discuss with you and ensure that you have the proofs that your dependent can stay in the UK primarily with the funds available with you. During the UK Dependent Visa Processing Time, we will make sure that fund related distresses don’t come under the UK authorities’ scanners and your dependent meets the UK Student Dependent Visa Requirements.

Working/Studying under Spouse-Dependent-Visa

Once your spouse, civil partner or children meet the UK Student Dependent Visa Eligibility, the dependents shall be granted permission to stay in the UK. Besides, the passport/biometric residence permit shall depict the conditions behind their working and studying.

If the conditions associated with UK Dependent Visa don’t say anything about work, it clearly reflects that they can work in the UK, and no restrictions are imposed and can work part-time or full-time – employed or self employed. However, if the Dependent Visa for UK mentions ‘Work Prohibited’, then your dependent member cannot work in the UK.

In most of the cases, if your student visa is permitted in excess of 1 year, Satya Overseas makes sure that your spouse gets the permit to work in the UK based on your Dependent Visa for UK.