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Counseling and guidance have become an integral part of today's education system. With parents occupied in their own world of careers and fast paced lifestyle, there is very little time and inclination for them to keep tab of the various developments in the education sector. Students, on the threshold of their professional lives, are also confused by the information exposure they have had through the media, friends and the Internet.

It therefore becomes imperative that a professional organization takes the responsibility of guiding the students in sifting the chaff from the wheat. Only an education expert can provide the right information, guide the students, and bring out their hidden aptitude for a particular field of study. Only an expert can help students identify the reputed colleges and show them the right path to a bright career and future.

Satya Overseas are such consultants endowed with both expertise and experience. It goes one step further than other counselors by helping students get admission into the colleges of their preference, providing accommodations and part time jobs .